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Used Items for Sale

Check back often -always adding new items!

Used 3D software, games, music CD's, assorted equipment all with the convenience of Paypal buying. We've collected so much software over the years that we're drowning in it.
If I could find a review for these items I linked it to the file name, click to view.

All software is original CD's, not copies. CD's only in paper jackets, serial number information included if needed.

Note these are no refund/no return items.

Shipping is via our choice of method.

Items are available to the contiguous USA.

International orders to the countries on this list also accepted. These orders will ship via USPS Global Priority. .

First come, first served.
When an item sells we will remove it from the list. If 2 people buy at the same time, the first sale will be valid and fulfilled,  the 2nd will be refunded. Sorry, we do not combine items for shipping discount.

PC Games Price   Buy
Fade To Black - FPS 1.99  
Doom Mania - Doom 1 add on levels 1.99  
Microsoft Creative Writer - Edu 1.99  
Megarace 2 - Drive SIM 1.99  
Jazz Jack Rabbit 2 - Kids 1.99  
Civilization 2 - History SIM 1.99  
Madden Football 2001 - Football SIM 1.99  
Heavy Gear 2 - Mech SIM - Activision 1.99  
Scorched Planet - Matrox 1.99  
Strife - RPG/FPS - Doom Engine Game 1.99  
Descent 2 - Interplay - Space Flight SIM 1.99  
Turok - Dinosaur Hunter 1.99  
Turok - Seeds of Destruction 1.99  
Microsoft Golf 1.99  
PC Software - 3D, Graphics and Design      
Ulead Photo Express 1.99  
Metacreations Bryce 2 (hard to find !) 19.99  
Metacreations Bryce 3D (hard to find !) 19.99  
HiJaak Pro 4.01 File Viewer/Converter 4.99  
Music CD's      
Note: If no buy button diplayed for an item, it is currently listed on ebay!

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