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Use Agreement
Use Agreement for models - Baumgarten Enterprises
CD Collections and  website

End User Agreement rev. 4

It is not our desire to restrict the creativity of the user in any way. However, to protect our interests we feel we must put forth the following use agreement. Keep in mind, for us to continue to provide quality models at an affordable price, we must all play fair:)

These terms may be superceded at any time only by written permission from Baumgarten Enterprises.
These terms apply to the models and intellectual works on our CD's and our website. 

***You must read and agree to these terms before using the included models.***

Starving Artist License-The appearance of rendered images (jpg or animated GIF) of the models in html coded web pages for decorative purposes and on RENDERED ARTWORK (screen or print) 'For Sale' is approved (and encouraged) and bears no further encumbrances !

(1)All models contained herein have been developed by and are property and copyright of Baumgarten Enterprises (herein also known as Baument).

These works (meshes) may be used by the original purchaser only (herein also known as 'user') and may not be re-distributed in original or modified form in any media including but not limited to:
Magnetic media or electronic media including the internet or email, for sale or not for profit except when meeting terms listed in (6) below.

(2)They may not be posted for download on the internet or emailed with the intent of distribution in their mesh form, originally or modified, singly or as a collection or part of a collection.

(3)(Physical warranty for CD's can be found at bottom of this page.)
Baumgarten Enterprises makes no warranties, express or implied for the use or usability of these models in any particular purpose. The successful use of these models is highly dependant upon the skills, abilities and experience of the user. Because of this, no guarantee as to the complexity,
workability and usability is expressed or implied. There also is no guarantee as to the scale, rotation or positioning of the included models upon importation into the users rendering program.
These models have been developed and tested only on the PC platform and have not been tested or used by Baumgarten Enterprises on any other platform. Mac users should check out 'Imagry' on our links page.

(4)These models are original meshes and any resemblance to existing models by other modelers is purely coincidental. Any resemblance to actual real world locations or objects also is purely coincidental.

(5)Baumgarten Enterprises shall not be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect,  incidental or consequential (including lost profit or merchantability) resulting from the use  or inability to use the included meshes.

(6)These models are intended for the user including but not limited to the following inclusions...

A) Personal works and Demo reels, Not For-Sale:

These models may be used freely by the user in personal works not for sale to be printed or displayed (including on the internet) as long as the user does not mis-represent themselves as the creator of the models used.
Although not required, in the interest of good practice we would appreciate ANY credit and or links that you may choose to give. No further contact with Baumgarten Enterprises is required for this use!

 They may also be used in NOT-FOR-PROFIT, online games, where they are not downloadable to the end users computer in a mesh form, although we do ask that you credit Baumgarten Enterprises with the creation of the models used, include a link to our site and contact us with the URL of the finished product. There are no other fees or commissions for this use. Let us help you direct people to your site!

   B) Works by individuals and companies, FOR-SALE or FOR-PROFIT:

These models may be used by the user in works for-sale or for profit with the following exclusions and conditions:

       Starving Artist License-The appearance of rendered images (jpg or animated GIF) of the models in html coded web pages for decorative purposes and on RENDERED
ARTWORK (screen or print) is approved (and encouraged) and bears no further encumbrances !

You must contact Baumgarten Enterprises if the models contained here-in will be  used....

 I) Computer Programs-as is or as a basis for a model in a computer game or simulation or otherwise included in the code in a computer program.

II) Film/Video-as is or as a basis for a model which ultimately will be rendered and committed to film or videotape for distribution...

III) Logo's-as is or as a basis for a model which will be rendered and used as a company logo or otherwise trade-markable image either by the company or a service hired by the company.

Any other for-profit use of these models carries no further encumbrances (where they do not exceed the restrictions above), although ANY credit and links would be greatly appreciated.
The fees or commissions due for these purposes would be determined on a case by case basis by
Baumgarten Enterprises and the user. 

**** Terms may vary depending on use, number and type of distribution and media involved ****
Terms may be obtained from Baumgarten Enterprises via email (see below). Please describe the type of work and type of use desired for these models.

Also please note that since some of these models may be distributed on the web by Baumgarten Enterprises, there is no exclusive licensing available on models in this particular collection. However, we can custom model meshes and have models available that are not widely distributed and therefore would be licensable exclusively. Contact us with your needs.

Enjoy the models and let us know where we can view the results of your hard work. We'd love to include them on our links pages and perhaps, with your permission as an inclusion, on our next release!

Physical Warranty on CD Sales-Baumgarten Enterprises will repair or replace defective CD's at their discretion upon receipt of the old CD within 30 days of receipt by customer.
Customer must pay return shipping to Baumgarten Enterprises. Please email (see below) for return authorization and shipping instructions.

There are no monetary refunds on these products.


Additional info or clarification of any of these terms may be obtained by emailing





Baumgarten Enterprises 2004