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Meshes 5

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The Spaces



The Spaces

(Click the thumbnails for detailed pics)

The Bath
Based on the Roman Baths found
throughout Europe. A large pool, elaborate rail details and multiple arches abound in this model.

Europe Alley

A complex maze of alleys, doorways and windows. Based on the close quarters of many European Cities.

Egypt Gate
Based on a building in Karnak, this model is featured in the graphic 'Egypt Gate' on our Galleria page.

Oriental Gate
A gate with an oriental flare. Detailed stonework adorns the flanking pillars.

Temple 1
Well proportioned structure that can be detailed with the pediment bump map found in the textures section.

Temple 2
Climb the steps to this ancient monument. The texture section includes a bump map for the pediment on this temple also.

The Coliseum
Multiple tiers and columns. Truly a fearsome place for a gladiator to enter or grand procession to commence.

The Conservatory
Wrought iron details and expansive panes of glass. The surrounding walls are lined with eliptical niches

The Generator
Threatening lava below, ironwork and stone above, the end of this catwalk holds a massive generator.

The Great Hall 1
The first of a set of four Great Halls on this CD. Makes a great church interior.

The Great Hall 2
The Coronation Hall. The round flanking walls beckon to the ascending steps. Passageways behind the walls allow for a quick escape if the need arises. 

The Great Hall 3
A room fit for a king. The large barrel ceiling is held up by beautiful rounded arches with detailed collar ties. Twin ornate fireplaces flank the room. 

The Great Hall 4
The Queen's Hall. Corinthian columns and ornate embellishments. Texture this room to be hard and foreboding or warm and inviting.

The Hangar
Multiple doorways and full length control rooms make this a great place to display any spaceship. 

The Piatza
A huge model with tons of columns. An alter and obelisk serve as the focal points of this medieval gathering place.

The Rotund
With a ceiling or without, the monument at the center of this model is approached by four grand staircases. 

The Smelter
Industrial backdrop with large tanks, ladders and pipes. Molten metal (or toxic waste) production area.

The Terminal
Multiple tiers and glass observation area make this model a great place to look out at that alien landscape.

The Tower
Based on an actual Monastery Tower, this model has a beautiful cross barrel ceiling in the pass through. At home in any medieval setting or even mountain top retreat.

The Warehouse
The place to store everything and everything to put in it. This model is full of shelving, boxes, detailed conduit and overhead doors. The exposed red-iron beams add great depth to the ceiling area.




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